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sentenced and. sent to a reformatory the 8 children the 5 year old is with her mother in 10 prison it's unclear what's going to happen to her but the fact is that no child should be imprisoned for traveling with their parents and relatives to another city these people are just the the subject of completely racist movement restrictions and they the children do not belong in reform schools and prisons. al-jazeera including demonstrations continue in ecuador's capital against the government austerity measures and more fallout from the gulf blockade reports that the united arab emirates paid a us lobbying firm in a campaign to discredit al-jazeera.
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you could use the word drag for new south wales parts of queens and having had a little rain during what should have been a rather wetter winter but now look what's happening during spring a mass of showers as form hail and proper rain running back into the farming country and running up the coast of queensland as well i was not going to change things hugely but it's nice to see it all the same however if you're on the beach in sydney for example in 16 degrees you would think quite the same way but there's the green forecast and it was rain showers again from queens in 1000 new south wales not quite in the victoria still not very warm in tasmania but it's nice in adelaide and starts about in perth out of the birth is showing rather more clouds in the pick up similar story on sunday but rather less of everything with less in the way of showers the less in the way is chill for tasmania is would have a bit it's also improving situation i think you'll agree for new zealand that massacre that will persistent rain is disappearing now and that should mean clear
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skies so the forecast then what is saturday for you mostly fine will be a cloudy or bit of rain in the far north and it's even better on sunday mass quick to look north 30 japan and it's typhoon season still in this one heading for turkey . to do it straight from the east agreements go say to the chinese look we bring you the stories and developments that might be changing the living what's more the boys of piracy. come to me. on 00. 0. 000.
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welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. is sending $3000.00 additional troops to saudi arabia the pentagon confirmed military hardware will also be sent to bolster the kingdom's the fences following an assault on the oil facilities last products iran meanwhile says one of its oil packers has been struck off the coast of saudi arabia the state news agency says the vessel was hit by 2 missiles in the space of half an hour and the u.n. says more than 100000 people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria at least 26 civilians have been killed and
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more than a dozen villages captured. hundreds more indigenous protesters have poured into ecuador's capital from the amazon to join the tense day of demonstrations against the government's austerity measures thousands of people have taken to the streets and he told to demand president many more and i'll repeat. that ended a 14 year old fuel subsidy by police to fire tear gas to break up the rallies while protesters responded with fireworks at least 5 people have died in rest and whether apple has more now from the. national strike continues in quito ecuador we're downtown right now were clashes have once again resume green demonstrators and between police now there's a lot of tear gas in the air is why i look at a bit teared up it's actually affected we should move back a little bit actually but i want to give you a sense of what people are saying here this confederation of indigenous people from all across ecuador that have come here to protest against policies against the
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government and are now calling even for the resignation of the country's president take a listen. mr president how many more brothers and sisters have the full in the struggle to reverse these economic policy measures. to let some of the generals need we're not terrorists and we're not foreigners dorrian and so on and the president has this fighting with each other this is why angry now in the absence of a national dialogue between this group of indigenous communities from across the country and the government of letting the expectation is that these clashes and protests only expected to continue. in well protesters in haiti have clashed with police in the capital port au prince hours after a journalist was found shot dead in his car that was strangers have burned tires and spilled oil on streets demanding the resignation of the president you've been in was the killing of the reporter namea joseph happened during a surge in violence that has killed at least 20 people businesses and schools have
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been closed for weeks. the european union has agreed to intensify talks with the u.k. over the next few days to find the new breaks it withdrawal agreement that this isn't followed a briefing of 27 ambassadors by the bloke's chief negotiator mission near where he described discussions with his british counterpart the as constructive john hall has the latest. there may be life in the prospect of a briggs deal yet e.u. and u.k. negotiators will have to work flat out between now and next week's brussels summit if they are to come up with a framework agreement we are. cautiously meeting leads to darkly the british team of god and now i'm going to debrief the country should learn about how those under period will define what i was already said after. trixi jack klugman bigger mounting. we need to do vigilance need to i mean intern confessionals e.u.
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council president donald tusk had warned he was ready to declare the talks dead on friday instead technical talks are thinking place in brothels as we speak. of course there's no guarantee of success and the time is practically up but even this. must fields but what's all this renewed optimism based on in truth no one quite knows beyond comments made by u.k. prime minister boris johnson and the irish tea shockley over on thursday that they saw a narrow pass to a deal the pair had met for 3 hours in the northwest of england much of that time in private concessions were made but they wouldn't say by whom and all else is secret well i can certainly tell you that under no circumstances will we see anything that damages the ability of the whole of the united kingdom to take full
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advantage of. what johnson is alluding to there is the whole of the united kingdom including northern ireland leaving the e.u.'s customs union it's the holy grail among breaks to deport as allowing the u.k. to pursue independent trade deals but prime minister johnson's previous proposals went down in flames when the. rejected among other things the idea of the tricks on the island of. whatever has been concocted as an alternative has now ended with the e.u. calls the negotiating tunnel with just the faintest glimmer of light at the other end jonah how al-jazeera london we hear leaks founder julian assange was remanded in custody on friday after a brief appearance via video link to a london court the hearing was to determine whether he should be extradited to the us a son jett faces 18 counts there including conspiring to hack government computers
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and violating an espionage law he could spend decades in prison if convicted to avoid an international arrest warrant issued in 2010 songs sort of asylum in ecuador he subsequently spent almost 7 years in the country's london embassy the case is used to be heard again later this month. the united arab emirates is trying to silence the al-jazeera news network according to a bloomberg report the u.a.e. is reportedly running a lobbying campaign in washington d.c. using a law firm to try and influence staff in the u.s. congress alan fisher has the details. from its embassy in washington and with the 12 connected ambassador to the u.s. as well as the ambassador the united arab emirates has been pushing a campaign to close the al-jazeera media network and report on the new site bloomberg says the embassy has employed a prominent d.c. law firm to meet with congressional staffers trumpet ministration officials
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journalists and academics to push its case the law firm it can gump strauss how and failed a well known company on capitol hill employed a small lobbying firm to help with its operation it paid $100000.00 to the company definers public affairs in turn it acknowledged it sure was to provide strategic communication support and guidance in furtherance of the interests of the embassy of the united arab emirates with an emphasis on strengthening bilateral relations and regional security of the united arab emirates in particular including issues relating to clients terminations of relations with qatar and accuracy and transparency of qatar or government owned media definer sprang to prominence when it was hired by facebook as the senate was investigating the role it played in possible russian interference in the 2016 election definers was investigating individual senators it was accused of spreading inflammatory information about its critics and its contract with facebook was terminated bloomberg says thousands of
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twitter account supporting the u.a.e. campaign were suspended there are also many linked facebook pages many of them pushed the u.s. government to force algis either to register as a foreign agent that could potentially restrict operations in the u.s. and it would essentially say the company is run by the qatari government a claim firmly rejected by al-jazeera. al-jazeera launched in 1996 with a not a big service in 2006 it became a public utility a private corporation for the public benefit with an independent board of directors in june 8 u.s. lawmakers wrote to the justice department asking to investigate whether i should register as a foreign agent one of the senators was republican chuck grassley from iowa who had been contacted by representatives of the u.a.e. alan fischer al-jazeera washington. a south african court has ruled former
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president jacob zuma must stand trial on corruption charges is accused of taking $267000.00 in bribes from a french arms manufacturer zuma is said to have taken the money in connection with the $2000000000.00 arms deal during the 1990 s. or he was deputy president his lawyers argued that the case was politically motivated and should be thrown out zuma denies any wrongdoing miller was outside the court in her maritzburg. the court judgement was handed down in under 2 minutes and jacob zuma was in and out of court in in just a few minutes the court had decided that jacob zuma will indeed stand trial that's due to begin next week oh but it's also worth remembering that the former president does have the option to approach the supreme court of appeal to appeal this judgement and perhaps further delay his day in court which is a huge cheer said for a long time he wants to have the opportunity to do but it's at the same time he's
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also tried to delay the court appearance ultimately wanting that out essentially jacob zuma to be back with him in the week however it's not quite certain just how long that trial will take and when the south africans will enhance is a case that has been going on now for almost 15 years aside from this court case and the charges of corruption fraud and racketeering jacob zuma does face other allegations of corruption during his time as president of south africa and that's culminated in what's being called a commission of inquiry into alleged corruption the former president also having to answer questions there while that commission is ongoing. russian opposition leader lakes in a valley says prosecutors of asked the court to seize his moscow apartment as collateral in a lawsuit the valley helped organize
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a series of anti-government rallies this year in the russian capital they were the largest such them stray sions since 2011 peaking at around 60000 people prosecutors one of our navy and other opposition leaders to compensate for policing and every quest of the seizure of his apartment to secure payment the 1st person to ever perform a space walk has died at the age of 85 the russian cosmonaut alexei learn of made history in 1965 when he floated outside his spacecraft just for just over 12 minutes the mission almost derailed when learn of a space suit filled with air which left him struggling to get back into the shuttle russian space agency ross calls moss said he passed away after a long illness of went on to lead the soviet part of the 1st joint u.s.s.r. u.s. space flight 10 years later ethiopia's prime minister
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i've made has been awarded this year's nobel peace prize he's credited with helping and the long running dispute with neighboring every trade robyn kriel reports now from the south nobel peace prize for 29 t. to ethiopia prime minister ahmed ali efforts the moment leader heard of his prestigious prize and with it praise from his supporters or than if european we have seen dr b. has played a major role in championing social justice. and what we expect know. of the peace progress and development of the national parliament is of paramount importance sworn into office barely 18 months ago at the height of civil unrest in ethiopia and during a state of emergency the 43 year old former army intelligence officer hasn't shied
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away from taking tough decisions. his biggest achievement is making peace with neighboring eritrea following a 21 year long conflict on their border which began with war in 1998 abi managed to reestablish normal relations between the 2 countries he also ordered the release from jail of his critics opposition politicians and journalists have even established a ministry of peace which includes some of the government's most notorious ministries such as the national intelligence service and the police force he's also trying to open up the economy allowing us foreign investors a sharing traditionally state of monopolies it hasn't been easy though abbie survived an assassin armed with a grenade at a campaign rally last year was. and interests nick fighting nationwide forced around $3000000.00 people from their homes abi also survived an attempted
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coup a few months ago by some soldiers unhappy with his leadership for close allies including his chief of staff were killed in the failed uprising in the i'm hard region and he's disappointed many of the opium by failing to quickly transform the economy the only problem that. they wanted the change to happen immediately. we have now if you can the problems in this country a lot of the economy is growing very fast the amount of. expend sure that's going into infrastructure has been at the expense of livelihoods a general election is june next may some opposition supporters told al-jazeera that that will be the ultimate test of his peace prize i believe will help us an impetus for him to significantly improve his legitimacy it will be understood in the story understood as an international recognition for not only for him but you know for
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the people and for the country in going forward you know tackling the challenges and realizing the ambitions of the mass people for democracy inclusive an accountable state as the prime minister received the news of his prize he said he hoped it would promote peace building efforts elsewhere in africa you remember so on the 3rd one i just did the new. remark if. you don't go after here in europe and i can imagine. there is the objectivity to think it's possible to work on these people to focus on abby's job of keeping if you would be a united and stable is a big one but he's off to a good start as this year's nobel peace prize laureate robyn kriel al jazeera at a. time
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after reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. is sending $3000.00 additional troops to saudi arabia the pentagon confirmed military hardware will also be sent to bolster the kingdom's the fences following an assault on the oil facilities last month. the u.s. military has on alert additional army navy marine and air force units to quickly provide increased capability in the region if necessary. the united states remains committed to protecting our allies ensuring the free flow of resources need to support the global economy and demonstrating our commitment to upholding the rules based international order i urge other like minded countries especially our allies in europe to follow the united states lead and join us with their own defense of assets to ensure stability in the region meanwhile iran says one of its oil tankers has been struck off the coast of saudi arabia the state news agency says the vessel was hit by 2 missiles in the space of half an hour the ship was sailing 100
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kilometers off the saudi port city of jeddah the u.n. says more than 100000 people have been displaced by turkey's military offensive against kurdish forces in northern syria at least 26 civilians have been killed and more than a dozen villages captured. a 5 year old child from rakhine state has been detained by authorities in myanmar that's according to human rights watch it says the child is among a group of 30 to hang at the taint as they try to reach the city of young goal of 8 children have been sent to what authorities called a training school 21 adults were jailed last week for travelling without permits under the more indigenous protesters of poured into ecuador's capital from the amazon to join the tent they have demonstrations against the government's austerity measures thousands of people have taken to the streets of heat though to demand president claiming what and a repeal a law that ended a 40 year old fuel subsidy at least 5 people have died and. those are the headlines
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counting the cost is next my colleagues and the how we'll have more news in half an hour thanks for watching. philippines president roderigo to turkey says he's cracking down on the communist insurgency ringback but some fear it's a deadly campaign to silence his critics as the death toll rises one a one east investigates to turn to his new war on al-jazeera. alone has a secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week president trump threatens to destroy turkey's economy again we find out how and we look at trump's business interest in istanbul . where of all the dollars gone lebannon goes from one crisis to another as one of the world's most indebted nations clings to install
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a peg. gold what is behind its rise and how high can it go you'll be surprised at some of the bets those in the know are making. after president donald trump abandoned kurdish allies and gave the green light for turkey's incursion into syria the pushback from usually uncritical republican saw the president attempting to change his decision he said he would in his words totally destroy and obliterate turkey's economy if turkey does anything quote that i in my great an unmatched wisdom consider to be off limits what he meant by off limits wasn't clear but the threat was enough to send the lira lower so is it possible for trump to actually obliterate the economy we don't need to go too far back to see the damage done before and the best way to do that is to chart the liras decline the day before the attempted coup in 2016 the lira was trading at $287.00 to the dollar it's been downhill since then tensions between the united
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states and europe over syria and turkey's refusal to raise interest rates to fight double digit inflation saw the currency weaken further from general 2800 to all. it sank 40 percent president trump impose sanctions on aug 1st after turkey refused to release a u.s. pastor who had been held over his alleged involvement in the failed coup a double tariffs a week later sending the lira to a record low the economy slumped into recession inflation peaking at 25 percent and the spat over russia's s $400.00 missiles kept the lira weak on october 7th trump threatened to obliterate the economy sending the lira down more than 2 percent with all the criticism president trump has been keen to point out the economic ties between the nations including its involvement in the f. $35.00 stealth bomber actual trade between the 2 is about $20000000000.00 making the u.s. turkey's 4th biggest trading partner but critics are keen to point out president
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trumps conflict of interest in turkey top of the list of the trump towers in istanbul according to the washington post trump doesn't own the building but was paid $10000000.00 to put his name on it. ivanka trump thanked president irwin for coming to the opening of the towers in 2012 and a lawsuit filed by 29 senators and 186 house democrats claims trump is a partial owner of $119.00 turkish business ventures that's according to n.b.c. joining me now via skype from istanbul is sin then again he is a visiting professor at carnegie europe thanks very much for being with us so how close is the relationship then between presidents trump and one or the relationship is indeed quite close because president traum has been in regular dialogue with the turkish president are gone and as we see in this case
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he took on board are the ones arguments and decided to give the go ahead to the turkish across the border military operation and his stance is markedly different than what we heard from the others pillars of the u.s. administration and primarily pentagon. and we when we look at the turkish economy and president trump personally does does he have a conflict of interest because of the trump towers in istanbul he doesn't own the towers but does license his name. yes obviously that's the definition of conflict of interest and given that he has this business venture in turkey. even though as you rightly said he doesn't all the property nonetheless gets a license fee based on extending his franchise so in that sense yes there seems to be a cop the bilby interests and trump has in the very recent past put sanctions on the
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economy that were there were damaging were they the sole reason for the economy sinking into recession not it was just a an impetus really but already the church economy it had a number of structural deficiencies. very high external financing requirements more savings rate. and this is the main reason why coupled with the trapped of sanctions. there has been a general risk of a version concerning the church on the me which has led to a financial bubble close and the shock on the currency last summer which peaked on the occasion of with political crisis triggered by turkey holding on to your u.s. pastor and how much damage can the u.s. do to that to the turkish economy i mean president trump it has said he can obliterate the turkish economy is that just bluster or can he really do that. well
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i think that indirectly the us could certainly do quite a bit of damage to the church going on because fundamentally the church economy is one where there is a lack of domestic saving saw turkey has to import capital from abroad and therefore the cost of that capital is very important at a time when there is tension between turkey and the united states and especially if the u.s. administration including the president trump moves ahead in the direction of sanctioning turkey that will raise the turkey's risk profile and the cost of capital and that's going to be the main challenge for turkey point forward before we end up in such a scenario and if we go back just a few years putin put a stop to russian tourism after turkish warplanes had shot down a russian jet so turkey's economy is prying to sharks isn't it. it is it
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comes down to the fact that turkey's growth model is predicated on the availability of cheap capital inflows saw no way the deficiency over the past 10 years was that turkey was not legal to shift to a growth model that is less dependent on foreign capital flows this could have been the case for instance of turkey had done a number of significant structural reforms that would have raised productivity and ensured you know are sustainable productive to growth and the economy but clearing that turkey continues to be dependent on these capital flows which makes it vulnerable to these type of political pressures and how would you assess things now is the turkish economy finally turning around interest rates and inflation a coming down what's your prognosis yes there certainly has been a rebound in turkey it seems to be pulling back from its recessionary trend but
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the main challenge going forward will be whether turkey will actually be able to achieve the type of higher growth rates just started in the parts that's the main challenge even if it rebounds from this recession area it looks difficult right now and turkey may indeed. be a hostage to in an environment where it has logged growth rates and this is something new for the turkish political system an economy system given that turkey had registered quite significant the high growth rates in the past c.n.n. you again thanks for being with us thank you. i one of the world's most indebted nations has declared an economic emergency a lack of dollars for imports of wheat oil and medicine has pushed lebanon's
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currency to the brink of devaluation now that could end lebanon's 2 decade long peg to the dollar the problem is the businesses buy goods from overseas in dollars and sell in lebanese pounds but lebanese banks are restricting access to foreign currency forcing many firms and individuals to resort to a growing parallel market and this is reflected in the current account deficit which means it is importing more than its exports in all living beyond its means the deficit has risen as lebanese ex-pats aren't sending as much money back home as they had in the past remittances to lebanon work revelent to 12.7 percent of g.d.p. in 2018 while the government is in talks with saudi arabia for new money the central bank has more than $50000000000.00 in currency reserves that's enough for 30 months worth of imports but if the government doesn't push through austerity measures a devaluation becomes a real threat then a hard reports from beirut. fuel importers here had threatened an open ended strike
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because of a shortage of foreign currency their customers pay in lebanese pounds but they need dollars to import feel lebanon's central bank is intervening it plans to provide dollars at a fixed exchange rate not just to importers of fuel but importers of medicine and to wheat supplies of which have already reached dangerously low levels economists say levanon which imports at least 80 percent of what it consumes needs an injection of foreign cash because the government is so exposed to the regional culture what's happening to see what's happening here are the problems of the g.c.c. countries. who will crack to be. a big. and now the local currency has lost value it's the 1st time in 2 decades exchange
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dealers that won't speak on camera. the official price pegged at $1500.00 pounds to the dollar black market prices have emerged. how much can i sell my dollar. 155000 and if i want to i cannot buy right for. 57 ok thank you. the central bank denies that lebanon is facing a dollar crisis and describes her ports of a shortage as an exaggeration but there are attempts to limit daily dollar withdrawals and more and more merchants are no longer accepting local currency they too refused to speak on camera as an. economic conditions have long been precarious this is one of the most indebted countries in the world a decrease in deposits into the banking sector denies the state
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a critical source of finance but there are other reasons behind the shortage of cash in the country. on iran for example affected its funding for its ally in lebanon which is also under sanctions this is disrupted the flow of remittances countries also stop providing help to a country they believe is controlled by their rival iran people are starting to take to the streets there is panic over the currency losing value which has hurt their spending power last month the government declared a state of economic emergency for these protesters however this crisis is not new and they want those in power to be held responsible for years of mismanagement and corruption well let's talk more about what's happening in lebanon from beirut we have sami executive director of the lebanese center for policy studies thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you 1st help me out with the central bank has in.


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